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About CAKE sessions

Camilla Meidell is the contact point for questions, comments, suggestions regarding CAKE sessions.

Contact information:, or mob. +47 52 01 70 66.

All material that you produce in CAKE session must kindly be returned to


CAKE information for OIM, Q1 Management Responsebility

The focus are for CAKE Q1 2016 is management responsibility. PSA expect the industry to ensure that information about risk is sought and utilized as the basis for strategic and operational decisions and measures. We would like to use the quarter to focus on how the management and the team interact, through involving RM, OIM, section leaders, area responsible, VO, maintenance engineer, tour pusher, crane operator, AD and camp boss.
Each participant will get a self-assessment card to be used during the 12 shift where one shall ask themselves and evaluate how they have performed on the following questions:
When was the last time I was visible
for my team?
When was the last time my team
improved, thanks to me?
When was the last time I acted as
a role model and how can I improve
my performance?

Information for the session will be found here.

1) Presentation
2) Self assessment card 
3) Film