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Camilla Meidell is the contact point for questions, comments, suggestions regarding CAKE sessions.

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CAKE Q2 2017, Barriers

In CAKE Q1 we would like to focus on improving procedural compliance. The background for procedureal compliance as a topic for Q1 is the following:

• Our procedures are one of several barriers to avoid an unwanted situation occurring
• To do the job correctly and safely we need to know the procedures connected to the job, and if the procedure is not correct we need to change it!
• Excuses for not following procedures:

– ”I am too busy – and this procedure takes to much time”
– ”The procedure is stupid and wrong – and it doesn’t mean anything for safety”
– ”This was how I learned to use it – and it is the way everyone else does it too”
– ”The procedure is to complicated to use for the simple job I am about to do”
– ”The supervisor asked me to do it this way”

Information for the session will be found here:

1) Presentation

2) One pager slide